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No One Strategy Fits Everyone An Approach Designed For You A Bucket Plan to Go with Your Bucket List

The Vast World of Finances

In an ever-changing financial climate, it can be difficult to confidently create a financial strategy, let alone have the time to manage one that can grow with you over the years. But without an up-to-date and flexible strategy in place, it can be difficult for you to achieve your goals.

English Financial Group is an independent financial services firm dedicated to assisting clients with their greatest financial concerns. We offer comprehensive investment management and financial strategies coupled with unbiased advice and recommendations. Our utmost goal is to provide customized strategies that can grow with clients throughout the many milestones of life. We take pride in knowing we have helped young professionals, growing families, and retirees pursue their financial dreams.


  • Income Planning – The #1 concern for most people is maintaining their lifestyle and not running out of money. Can I plan for my tax rate in retirement?
  • Insurance Planning – How to protect my spouse, family, and legacies.
  • Wealth Accumulation – What is the best way to save for my retirement? Tax deferral options?
  • Wealth Distribution – How should I set up my retirement income? How can a better strategy help preserve my income stream?
Client Centered: Education Professionals

Client Centered: Education Professionals

Education professionals face specific retirement-planning needs to retire on time and with the income they require. Click below to receive a FREE e-book: Retirement Questions for Educators. 

Our business is built on a foundation of thoughtful client relationships. It all starts with a conversation. 

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Who We Are

As a fiduciary, we always put your interests first-and our entire business is designed to keep it that way. When you do better we do better.

As an independent firm, we are committed to offering complete objectivity and unbiased advice.

Advice That Is Always In Your Best Interest

What We Do

Our educational approach takes the mystery out of investing, insurance, estate conservation, and preserving wealth.

You deserve to know what we are doing with your money. That is why we are transparent about the investing decisions we make for your portfolio. 

Whether you are someone who wants to dig in to the details or prefer to be more hands-off, we provide a variety of resources to get you the information you need, when you need it-all to make sure you're comfortable with our investing approach. 

A Portfolio Tailored to Your Needs

Why We Do It

We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, offering ongoing education and guidance because we care about you and the community. 

We ask questions about your goals and needs, your expenses, your health and your family commitments and more - to better understand what you need your money to accomplish. We ASK. We LISTEN. We LISTEN some more. And Then we ACT. 

Our personalized approach and our total commitment to serving our clients makes us unique. 

To Help You Stay on Track
English Financial Group Overview

English Financial Group Overview

English Financial Group [EFG], established in 2013, is a professional services business concerned with the efficient use of personal and business economic resources. Dedicated to assisting clients with their greatest financial concerns, EFG customizes strategies that can grow with clients through the many milestones of life. As an independent fiduciary, EFG acts in the best interest of the individual or business. Focused on client loyalty, EFG provides financial services and strategies including but not limited to:

  • Investments,
  • Florida Retirement System Pension, Investment & DROP Planning,
  • Buy Sell Agreements,
  • Business Planning,
  • Life Insurance,
  • Disability Insurance,
  • Retirement Planning,
  • Wealth Transfer,
  • Wealth Distribution,
  • Long Term Care Planning,
  • Estate Planning,
  • Social Security Planning,
  • Traditional and Roth IRAs,
  • Business Partnerships, and
  • Community Education Seminars/Webinars.


Financial management is the life blood of business organizations as well as personal goals. With more than 20 years of financial experience combined with formal education as well as national licenses and distinctions, Brian English provides one-on-one individual financial consultations, putting the power of personal attention to work for each client or prospective client. Discovering a unique solution, co-created with each client, is his ultimate goal.

EFG’s mission touts the importance of guarding, planning, and investing. EFG is a good and faithful steward of clients’ money, resources, and time. We provide options for clients that synergize with their individual goals and dreams. To do so, careful implementation and management of available financial products, coupled with critical financial strategies provide the best possible outcomes.

The Wakulla Office is centrally located in Crawfordville, to provide greater accessibility along with a warm hometown approach.

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Important Information About Your Social Security Account

Important Information About Your Social Security Account

We’d like to remind you to review your Social Security Statement online. The Statement has important Social Security information and, if applicable, estimates of your future benefits.

If you are working, we encourage you to check your Statement yearly to make sure your earnings record is correct. The Statement also will help in planning your financial future.

To view your most recent Statement, please visit and sign in to your account.

On June 10, 2017, SSA added a second method to verify your identity each time you sign in to your account. This is in addition to your username and password. Using two ways to identify you when you log on will help better protect your account from unauthorized use and fraud. Now, when you sign in to your account you will complete two steps:

  • Step 1: Enter your username and password.
  • Step 2: Enter the security code we send you by text message or email, depending on your choice (your cell phone provider’s text message and data rates may apply).

Retirement Ready for Workers 49-60

If you'd like a 1:1 financial consultation, please e-mail or give us a call. 850.926.7487 We are here to help you navigate your retirement. 

Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through your life transitions.

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Confidential Questionnaire

Confidential Questionnaire

Without any conflicts of interest we put your needs first.

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 Stay abreast of live workshops, seminars, tips, information and webinars that may help you navigate the complexities of Medicare, Social Security, Retirement and Investments.